The oldest vintage vehicle fair in Poland

Auto Nostalgia is much more than just a trade event for retro car enthusiasts. It's a living history lesson and a time machine towards the sentiments of youth, the times of our parents or even grandparents. Come and see vintage vehicles from around the world and a variety of nostalgia-themed attractions.


Nostalgia connects generations

Welcome to the fascinating world of automotive history, where the past becomes the present! Are you ready to meet the legends of motoring and hear thrilling stories from classic car enthusiasts? Join our trip to a world of nostalgia and passion, where every detail tells a tale of bygone years.



See hundreds of vintage cars, motorcycles and special vehicles. Come to the vintage vehicle trade fair, where dozens of offers from professional companies and collectors wait for you - you'll save time and talk to experts without the need to travel across Poland. Join meetings with automotive enthusiasts to share stories and memories from years gone by together.

Come and see, how automotive industry has evolved

What you can see?

Where can you find us?

Expo XXI, 12/14 Prądzyńskiego Street, Warsaw

* A reduced-fare is available for children up to 18 years of age, pensioners and people with disabilities.

Admission for children up to 6 years old is FREE. More information HERE

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