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Auto Nostalgia 2024 will fill EXPO XXI with unique showpieces of historic cars in April. The event will meet the expectations of admirers of both the foreign part of the exhibition and the native one, which we could observe particularly closely in childhood or early youth. The exhibition of unique classics will be enriched with a substantive layer, which will be provided by professionals and enthusiasts of renovating these old school beauties.

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The oldest vintage vehicle fair in Poland

Nostalgia connects generations

Auto Nostalgia is the oldest vintage vehicle fair in Poland, making it a grand celebration for all classic automotive enthusiasts. It's a unique weekend filled with nostalgia and memories. At one place, you can see gems from automotive museums and private collectors from all over the country. This year's edition will be the largest in history - the exhibition will fill 3 pavilions at EXPO XXI in Warsaw, covering almost 12,000 square meters!

Especially for you, straight from journey through Turkey with their Syrena Bosto, Jan Garbacz, well-known from YouTube, will appear at Auto Nostalgia. Together with Paweł Hoffman, they're planning to travel the route from Istanbul, through Cappadocia, Göreme, to Elazig, all the way to the source of the Euphrates in this 40-year-old car from the photo. The agricultural and industrial lineage of this model will certainly be beneficial for driving through Turkey. Just in case, there's always a spare tire available on the roof of the passenger cabin. You will have the opportunity to welcome them in Poland as the first ones and ask how it was!

See how the automotive industry has evolved!

On Saturday and Sunday, April 20-21 2024, the EXPO XXI area transforms into a time machine, taking everyone several decades back. Cars and motorcycles that our parents and grandparents used to drive converge on the capital to reminisce together among enthusiasts from all over Poland, that indeed was different back then! Come and see 100-year-old vehicles that you won't find at outdoor gatherings.


Vehicles for sale What will you see in the 2024 edition?


At our fair, you will see a unique, 90-year-old car, never restored, with its original bodywork and still in excellent mechanical condition! It's one of 282 produced units.

Museums, clubs, individual collectors

What can you see there?

Museum collections from across Poland, collections from automotive clubs, as well as gems hidden in the private garages of enthusiasts. You don't have to travel all over Poland. Together, we will open the 2024 season in Warsaw! Syrenki, Maluchy, Polonezy - cars that almost everyone recognizes, and maybe even once owned - will surely bring a tear to the eye of visitors.

With us, among others:


The Polish Automobile Club will present an impressive collection of American Classics. Among them will be Cadillac, Buick Riviera and Chevrolet Chevy Van. Also, the TamteLata Museum has confirmed its presence. They always amaze with its stands and the gems presented there.

Of course, there must be also Gielda Klasykow, which will move dozens of vehiclesout of the garages. Undoubtedly, the most eye-catching car will be the blue 1958 Austin A35, while the Renault 4L with its rather spartan interior will surely bring a smile to everyone's face.

Last year, the Sportivo Silesia stand caused a sensation by presenting 11 cars, including the 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal and the 1960 Ford GT40. They will also participate in this edition and promise that they are preparing many surprises for you!


Sportivo Silesia - Auto Nostalgia
Vehicles for sale What will you see in the 2024 edition?

Drive away from the fair with your own classic!

Auto Nostalgia is not just an exhibition, but above all, a fair and trade event! And that means one thing - you can fulfill here your dream of having your own classic. Professional companies specializing in the import and trade of vintage vehicles, as well as individual exhibitors, will take care of this. It's rare to find so many sales offers in one place. At Auto Nostalgia, you can browse, inquire, and negotiate to your heart's content. Who knows, maybe you'll return home with your own classic? >>>YOU CAN FIND CARS FOR SALE HERE<<<

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EXPO XXI in Warsaw, 12/14 Prądzyńskiego Street



Opening hours:

Saturday, 20 of April 2024 - 10AM to 5 PM
Sunday, 21 of April 2024 - 10AM to 5 PM


What, where, when? Tickets Gallery